VUBA Stone

Why Choose VUBA Resin Bound?

Seamless, hard-wearing and with a fantastic choice of colors – It’s easy to see why Resin Bound is the fastest-growing paving surface in the UK, and now exclusively in a handful of places in the USA (Including Epoxy Floor Experts)!


Resin Bound surfaces are fully permeable – this means they allow 850 liters of liquid through per minute per m2.

Curb Appeal

Create a stunning look with amazing natural stones bound in a clear resin. You can match or complement your existing color scheme.

Maintenance Free

Resin Bound (onto a permeable base) doesn’t support the growth of weeds, moss, and algae like other paving surfaces such as concrete or cement paving.

VUBA Resin Bound vs. Regular Epoxy

Superior Customer Services

The VUBA Standard

All aggregates have been tested for particle density, water absorption, and abrasion resistance. Each blend has been tested in line with US and British Standards for comprehensive strength.

What Makes VUBA Premium?

Unlike other Resin Bound systems, ours contains a translucent binding quartz which increases strength up to 30% without discoloring the Resin Bound system.

VUBA aggregate blends use 3 different grades of size in our Resin Bound driveway products – 50% more than the industry standard of 2 grades of sizes.

With more than 1,000,000m2 of Resin Bound manufactured, we have been supplying resin systems for 14 years.

Premium Color Range

With cleaner aggregates, a broader range of greys, and fantastic tones and shades, it is easy to understand why VUBA has a reputation of the largest and most desirable color range in Resin Bound resurfacing.

Color Range

Brand NEW to Epoxy Floor Experts, these exclusive blends have been created by our VUBA based on the type of colors customers have told us they want, as well as the popular classics guaranteed to elevate your driveway or outdoor space.

Vehicle Traffic Color Range

Foot Traffic Color Range

Borders, Patterns, and Color Pairings

Resin Bound can be used to create designs using patterns, borders, and unique color pairings for a bespoke driveway or outdoor living area. Match the colors and personality of your home with a color pairing of your choice!

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