Cleaning and Aftercare


Immediate Aftercare

Curing Time:

Do not walk on your new Resin Bound surface for 24-48 hours, and do not drive on resin for 48-72 hours after installation. These times are temperature dependent, and we would recommend you always follow the installer’s advice for exact timing.

No Leaks/Drips:

Ensure there are no leaks/drips on the curing resin because excess moisture will significantly weaken and discolor the Resin Bound surface during the curing period. Continuous drips/leaks cause erosion in the long-term, and will degrade the surface.


Ensure pesky people or animals cannot walk on the Resin Bound surface. Footprints cannot be removed!


Cleaning Advice


Cleaning Practices:

It’s very good practice to clean your Resin Bound surface regularly. For lighter colors, it will be even more important to carry out regular cleaning.

Resin Bound Surfaces can be power washed, and it is recommended to have the lance at a 90 degree angle and at least 12 in. from the surface. Cleaning too close can cause aggregates to be dislodged.

Oil, Dirt + Detritus

Oil can penetrate readily into hard surfacing materials (particularly lubricating or fuel oil), but it should not stain if any spillages are removed promptly with an absorbent material. If the stain persists then an emulsifying degreaser should be employed.

Prolonged contact with any solvents should be avoided. Contact Epoxy Floor Experts for advice if you cannot remove the stain.

Weed, Moss + Lichen

There ought to be a porous material (concrete or cement) beneath the base; preventing weed growth from under the surface. The absence of a porous material will result in weeds coming through the Resin Bound – the resin surface will not be able to prevent this. It is also possible for weeds to grow on the surface of Resin Bound, but they can easily be pressure washed away.

Organic growth such as Moss, Lichen, and Algae can be prevalent on hard surfacing where the area is heavily shaded or is under trees. If such growths do occur, then the area should be treated with the appropriate treatment according to manufacturers’ instructions.

Fruit, Berries + Leaves

Fruit and leaves can stain all types of paving surfaces and care should be taken to clean these away from any resin surface before they can begin to leach onto the Resin Bound.

For soiled areas, a recommendation is to use a mix of liquid Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO), obtained by swimming pool maintenance suppliers and a non-oxidizing shampoo (Example: Baby Shampoo).

Dilute 50 oz. of Sodium Hypochlorite with 152 oz of water and add 3 oz of baby shampoo. If possible, the mixture should be applied via a pump spray and the whole area treated, not just individual spots.

Pre-wet the whole area with clean water and spray the cleaning fluid over the surface. Gently scrub the area with a stiff bristle brush. After 15 minutes, wash the surface down with clean water making sure that the residue does not run onto any vegetation.

Rusting + Tire Marks

Rust can occur from two sources. Typically, rusting is caused by leaching from BBQs, flower baskets, and other metal garden items. Care should be taken to ensure these do not leach on the resin surface.

Naturally occurring aggregates in Resin Bound can contain pyrite, which upon exposure to rain, dew, etc. can begin to rust. Unfortunately, this is an aspect of Resin Bound surfacing which although very rare, can happen naturally.

Rusting can be cleaned using Non-Acidic Rust Stain Remover. Please follow manufacturer instructions for more information.

Tire Marks can normally be removed by steam cleaning, or by scrubbing the area with detergent and hot water.

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