Concrete Basement Coatings in Pennsylvania


Epoxy flooring is a superior option for concrete in your basement. Basements are often subject to more moisture and even damage from flooding, leading to bacteria and mold. Carpets will hold moisture and organic growth. Epoxy flooring naturally repels and withstands moisture and mold growth and is much easier to maintain and clean than any other flooring.


Epoxy Floor Experts offer a large variety of finish styles and color blends to perfectly compliment your basement whether it’s finished or not. We also offer non-skid sealers to help in the presence of moisture.

The Process

Our epoxy flooring is often completed within one day and is safe to drive on within just a few days. We can also repair most surface damage with patching and crack fillers, improving the life of your concrete.


Basement Coatings in Pennsylvania



Best Basement Coating Services

Adds durability and longevity to your existing concrete.

Impact and chemical resistant. Repairs exiting cracks and damage to concrete extending the overall life of the floor.

Cost effective, and appearance enhancing.

Several finish options and limitless color blends to compliment any living area. Cost per square foot is more affordable than most other flooring options.


Easy to clean and maintain.

Epoxy eliminates cracks and crevices for dirt and bacteria to hide, making it easier to clean and a more sanitary flooring option.

Resistant to water and stains.

Epoxy is non-pourous and resistant to staining. It is ideal in high-moisture areas like basements and will prevent mold growth unlike carpeting or wood.

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