How should I clean my epoxy flooring?

Your epoxy floor can be cleaned by using everyday household cleaning supplies. No harsh chemicals are needed to keep your floor looking like the day it was installed.

Is my concrete too damaged to apply an Epoxy Finish?

The Epoxy Floor Experts have many products available for various degrees of damaged concrete. We can repair most surface damage. Before you go through the mess and expense of ripping out and replacing your damaged concrete let the Epoxy Floor Experts evaluate your concrete and show you what we can do to help!

Will my epoxy become discolored from sunlight?

The Epoxy Floor Expert’s use proprietary products which are the best available on the market today. We use UV resistant epoxy which will not turn yellow like our competitors.

It's cold outside, can I still have an epoxy floor installed?

Most often, yes! We still install Epoxy in the winter months. Our epoxy can cure in as low as 0 degrees!

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