Why Your Laundromat Needs Epoxy Flake Flooring

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Laundromats need durable and long-lasting floors that can stand up to constant wear and tear. From daily customers to soaps and suds, your floors see it all. You want your establishment to be safe and inviting, and that’s where epoxy flake floors come in.

At Epoxy Floor Experts, we are here to let you in on the best-kept secret to have floors that can withstand it all. Follow along as we explore the six benefits of installing epoxy flake flooring in your laundromat.

1. Epoxy Flake Floors Have an Anti-Slip Finish 

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing flooring for your laundromat is safety. With the risk of slips and falls from wet surfaces ever present, an anti-slip finish can provide a layer of protection against accidents. Epoxy flake flooring contains a slip-resistant surface that can reduce the potential for accidents.

2. With All Those Soaps and Suds, You Need Water Resistant Floors

Laundromats are highly prone to water spills, not to mention constant exposure to high levels of humidity. With an epoxy flake flooring solution, your floors become water-resistant, with the integrity of the surface remaining intact.

3. Get a Seamless and Durable Cover for Your Laundromat Floors

Epoxy flake flooring offers a seamless, durable cover that is highly resistant to chips, scratches, and even impact damage from heavy equipment. This means that if you decide to move around or replace your washing machines, your floor will remain intact. Epoxy flake flooring won’t scuff or crack, no matter how often you move heavy equipment around.

4. Epoxy Flake Floors Are Resistant to Chemicals

As a Laundromat owner, you tend to have a variety of customers who use various products. Because of this, you can’t be too sure what will end up on your floors. Removing tough stains and odors from clothing and other fabrics typically requires harsh chemicals, which can cause significant damage to some flooring materials.

5. Professional and Fast Installation for Your Laundromat

Installing new flooring in your laundromat can quickly become frustrating and time-consuming. However, with epoxy flake flooring, the installation process can be professionally executed quickly, with minimal downtime to your business. Pick out a couple of your slowest days during the week, and our professionals will be in and out in two days tops. Next, you can be back up and ready to run business per usual.

Contact Epoxy Floor Experts Throughout East and Central Pennsylvania 

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