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If you have an outdoor patio, you need a way to protect it for many years to come. Bare concrete is tough but can’t stand up to moisture and other elements over long periods. Fortunately, you can choose epoxy coatings to cover concrete surfaces. So today, the team at Epoxy Floor Experts is here with five reasons why epoxy flooring is superior to concrete patios.

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1. Durability

Above all, epoxy floorings are much more durable than bare concrete patios. Concrete is overall strong, but it can chip and crack from impacts and pressure. Concrete also absorbs moisture and other liquids, which can cause it to expand and split down the middle.

Epoxy, on the other hand, is virtually impervious to chipping and cracking. Epoxy coatings consist of a resin suspended in a matrix of synthetic plastic that can absorb impact without shattering or cracking. Epoxy coatings are tough enough to handle heavy loads from outdoor furniture, such as benches, girls, tables, and more.

Epoxy is also waterproof and can shrug off most kinds of liquids or chemicals. An epoxy coating can last upwards of a decade if you remember proper care and cleaning. You won’t have to worry about repainting or reapplying layers if you have an expert perform the installation.

2. Environmental Footprint

Epoxy coatings are also much more environmentally friendly than many other types of varnishes or coatings. Epoxy does not contain any volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and doesn’t create any gaseous products when you apply them. Once it dries, it is perfectly safe and won’t deteriorate from the elements.

Epoxy coating installation produces less waste, and epoxy can save money on energy bills by reflecting light. You can also find epoxy coatings that consist mostly of recycled materials, lowering environmental footprints in product supply chains.

Epoxy flooring does not require any special cleaning solution, and you can clean your coating with just warm water and regular floor cleaner. You can hose your epoxy patio down and allow it to dry in the sunlight for the best results.

3. Safe and Non-Toxic

When it sets, epoxy is a durable, inert plastic resin that won’t chemically react with any substances you’d find in a home. It is non-toxic and doesn’t produce fumes, which makes it a great choice for recreation areas like a patio floor or a basement playroom for your children.

Additionally, epoxy is applied with continuous pouring, so it does not leave any rough edges or grout lines that people could trip over. Lastly, epoxy flooring is slip resistant, which minimizes the risk of falling and injury. Overall, epoxy is a highly safe material to install and is not harmful to have around children.

4. Aesthetics

Manufacturers offer several types of concrete coating products with different colors, styles, and decorations. For example, many epoxy coatings have decorative flakes that add texture and patterns to the floor coating. Your contractor can help you search options to find one that fits your needs and budget.

High-quality epoxy patio coatings can improve your home’s curb appeal and match your house’s unique style and aesthetic. Getting your patio resurfaced can also improve your home’s resale value by a non-insignificant amount by turning a plain patio into an eye-catching addition.

5. Cost Effective

Last but not least, epoxy concrete resurfacers are extremely cost-effective. A high-quality coating lasts more than a decade and protects the underlying structure for many years to come. The excellent durability-to-cost ratio is one reason why epoxy is such a popular choice for outdoor fixtures and coatings. Installation is affordable, and the finished product lasts a very long time.

When you have a professional install an epoxy floor, you can rest easy knowing that your investment will last a long time. Installation is relatively fast compared to other kinds of patio surfaces, so you can schedule the application and have it completed in a single day. When you do have your epoxy coating, you don’t have to spend much time or money maintaining it.

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