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Every homeowner wants their garage to look its best. And whether you want to admit it or not, the garage floor is a key element to your garage’s appearance and functionality. One of the easiest and most effective renovations is upgrading your home’s garage floor concrete coatings. After all, concrete coatings protect your current floor while giving it a new shine.

However, if you’re installing garage floor coatings by yourself (instead of going with the pros), you can run into a lot of issues. There’s the equipment you need, the time you need to learn the process, and more. But the biggest issue is deciding which coating you want to install: epoxy or polyurea.

What’s the Difference Between Epoxy and Polyurea Coatings?

Concrete coatings have one main goal to be a protective shield for concrete. But each coating can differ in the elements and compounds that are combined to make it. As a result, there are minor differences between concrete coating.

Both epoxy and polyurea are durable, thick, and impact-resistant. Epoxy can provide a more aesthetic look, which makes it a common choice for kitchens, bathrooms, or other common areas. Polyurea, on the other hand, is more resistant to chemicals and UV rays than epoxy, so it’s better for garages and exterior spaces. Both are easy to maintain, light-reflective, and long-lasting.

How Does a DIY Concrete Coating Work?

A DIY concrete coating follows the same process that professional contractors use: prepare, repair, coat, flake, scrap, and seal it. But the difference largely lies in the tools, time, and craftsmanship. When you install coatings by yourself, you need to consider the special tools (like a concrete grinder or sandblaster), ventilation, proper preparation, time, effort, and the mistakes you might encounter.

DIY Floor Coating vs. Professional Installation

Another key difference between a DIY and a professional floor is the result. DIY requires a box kit with an epoxy coat that’s about 0.005 inches. You pour the coat and smooth it by hand to secure your floor.

Yet, a professional installation offers a lot more protection. The coating is between 3 to 6 times thicker than a box kit epoxy. A professional team pours enough coating to fill and re-coat an entire space plus a top-layer sealant. Professional installation also includes high-quality, industrial cleaning while DIY kits just have mild etching.

The process, tools, and expertise of a professional installation are unmatched by a DIY epoxy floor. Do-it-yourself concrete coatings quickly result in a flooring surface that’s peeling, cracking, or falling apart. If you want your floor to last, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Benefits of a Garage Floor Coating . . . If Done Correctly

When you make the choice to invest in your property with professional polyurea concrete coatings, you’ll quickly discover the benefits that come with a brand-new surface. Here are some of the most popular reasons why you should trust the pros.

Withstands Everyday and Heavy-Duty Use

The garage can be a room for many purposes. Whether it’s a home gym or woodshop or storage room or game room, it does it all. That means you need a floor that’s built to withstand it all.

Professional polyurea concrete coatings engulf your floor with a protective layer. So, everyday foot and vehicle traffic, heavy objects falling, or furniture shuffling around doesn’t stand a chance of harming your floor. You can get the most out of your garage with professional polyurea.

Great Look

As experts in the coating industry, we can guarantee you’re going to like how your floor looks. With a sleek, shiny, and vibrant appearance, it will bring the most out of your garage. DIY kits don’t stack up against the experienced touch and design of professionals.

Lasts Much Longer

If you go the DIY coating route, your floor can start to peel or stain in only a few years. But when you entrust the pros, you get a floor that lasts for years—decades! In fact, Epoxy Floor Experts offers a lifetime warranty on our products and installation. You’ll have a great-looking and highly-functional floor until you’re ready to sell your property!

Ready to Learn More?

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