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Commercial entryway epoxy flooring for Ace Hardware of Manchester by the Epoxy Floor Experts. This commercial entryway was finished with a RubberStone blend of ebony and grey. The product filled in the existing stamped concrete and a logo from a prior business. Check out the Posts below to see their transformation with the Epoxy Floor Experts.

Ace hardware entry before epoxy floor experts epoxy installation
Ace hardware commerical epoxy flooring finished by epoxy floor experts
Stamped concrete ace hardware entryway before epoxy flooring installation
Stamped concrete filled in with epoxy flooring by the epoxy floor experts
Epoxy flooring covering old stamped concrete by the epoxy floor experts
Before commercial epoxy flooring application by the epoxy floor experts
Old logo and stamped on ace hardware entry way concrete before being filled in with commercial epoxy flooring
Close up of FlexStone epoxy flooring by the epoxy floor experts, blend of stone and rubber epoxy flooring

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