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Do you resolve every year to clean your garage so you can fit your car inside during the cold Pennsylvania winters? But every year passes, and you’re still parking outside with a messy, unorganized garage? At Epoxy Floor Experts, we understand the struggle of keeping your garage tidy. Below, we’ve compiled some tips for getting your garage clean – and keeping it that way – including our specialty: garage floor epoxy. 

1. Start by Clearing Out Your Garage

The first step when organizing your garage is clearing everything out and getting rid of things you don’t need. Set aside a weekend and start decluttering using some of the following ideas:

  • Sort all the garage items into three piles: keep, sell or donate, and toss. Get rid of expired household chemicals, old paint, and broken items, ensuring that you dispose of all chemicals in a safe and environmentally sound way.
  • Next, sort the “keep” pile into broad categories (tools, lawn equipment, sports equipment). This helps establish a more organized system when you begin putting everything away. Ideally, use clear plastic bins for storage, so it’s easy to see what you have when you need it.
  • Once you’ve cleared everything out, you’re ready to begin the organization process, starting from the ground up. Sweep debris out of the garage, hose off the floor (clean off stains if possible), and apply a concrete sealer to the floor.

2. Apply an Epoxy Floor Coating

Keeping your garage floor clean isn’t always easy. Dirt and grime accumulate along with sawdust and other remnants of DIY projects. Sweeping the concrete floor helps, but the dust is often neverending. That’s where garage floor coating comes in. Coating your concrete floor with epoxy offers several advantages:

  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Scuff and scratch resistance
  • Anti-skid coatings to keep you safe from falls
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Durability and lasting quality

If you want to tackle applying an epoxy coating onto the floor yourself, most home improvement stores offer floor kits. However, when you want the best in quality and service, Epoxy Floor Experts has you covered. We provide professional, customizable garage floor epoxy services backed by warranties, and all with easy financing options.

3. Utilize Vertical Storage

The best place to store items for easy viewing and retrieval is along the walls of your garage. But don’t just pile things haphazardly and hope for the best; utilize vertical storage.

Metal or Wire Shelves

Metal and wire shelves are a budget-friendly way to keep your tubs and boxes neatly stored in the garage. Whether you hang them individually or buy large shelving units to optimize the height of the garage, wire, and metal shelves are key to garage organization. They offer strength and versatility, and unlike cabinets, there’s no hiding a mess, encouraging you to keep things tidy.

Pegboards and Slat Walls

Pegboards and slat walls make it simple to hang various tools in all sizes and shapes. Hanging a pegboard over your workbench keeps hammers and wrenches handy. Slat walls are a versatile way to hang heavier, bulkier items along the wall. Ladders, gardening tools, strollers, and more are easily hung on a slat wall, keeping them off the garage floor.

4. Create Storage Zones

Now that you’ve handled the floor and the walls, it’s time to start returning items to the garage. The best way to ensure you find the things you need when you need them is by creating “zones” of storage.

  • Keep bikes, helmets, and other frequently used items near the front of the garage for easy access
  • Store items you use together in close proximity (such as putting gardening equipment next to lawn chemicals)
  • Put bulky items in the corners, where they’re less likely to be in the way
  • Keep seasonal decorations and equipment further back for less frequent access.

Finally, to keep your garage clean and organized, resolve to go through your storage items at least once a year and get rid of things you don’t use.

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