Epoxy floor coating system should have strong bonding and adhesion with the substrate such as a concrete surface. There are many factors which affect the adhesion and bonding capabilities. In order to attain optimum adhesion, proper surface preparation is very essential. Therefore, the conditions of the substrate must be thoroughly checked and the correct method of preparation is very important. A field test to know about the suitability of the substrate for adhesion must be done before the actual installation. Epoxy Floor Experts provide the best service by properly preparing the existing concrete flooring before installing epoxy flooring. Go through the process of prepping concrete for an epoxy floor coating.

Epoxy floor coating system

Conditions To Be Checked:


The concrete should be free of any surface contaminants or detrimental materials.

Unstable Ground: Cracks, delaminations, pits, broken joints and more should be repaired or replaced.
Unwanted Agents: The agents used for curing affect the bonding of the epoxy with the surface if not cleaned properly.
Laitance: The top layer is also called as laitance which is made up of cement, water and aggregates. This creates weak surface layer and thus hinders bonding process. This must be removed completely.
Moisture: Water can cause adhesion failure and blistering in the bond line causing hindrance to proper bonding. So, moisture must be completely eliminated.
Carbonation: Carbon di oxide reacting with Calcium Hydroxide forms chalk powder which acts as bond breaker. This must be cleaned up.
Fatty Acids: Petroleum products emit some fatty acids which cause discoloration of the concrete surface. These penetrate in to the cement portion of the concrete and thus must be removed by abrasive blasting or chipping.

Preparation Methods

After checking for the above defects and rectifying them, the concrete surface must be prepared for installation of the Epoxy Floor Coating System using any one of the following methods:


Grinding of a concrete substrate should be done with grinders that rotate discs or cup wheels that are more to less aggressive and remove different types of floor coverings such as mastic, epoxy, urethane and more. They remove the top layer and open up the concrete surface so that new floor coating can get a good mechanical bond. Smoothing out imperfections and high spots is also done by use of grinding.

Shortblasting, Chemical preparation and high pressure water blasting are other methods. An experienced contractor will select the correct procedure needed for you concrete surface to be prepared for epoxy coating.

Repairs Of Surface Irregularities

Cracks, delamination, deteriorated joints, pitching for drainage or any other defects should be done at this stage, after the surface preparation is complete. These repairs should be done prior to application of epoxy floor coating system.

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