Rubber flooring is the most trending flooring option today for all types of residential and commercial buildings. There are some unique qualities of rubber flooring which are not present in other types of floorings. If you need a long-lasting flooring with very low maintenance for your commercial buildings, then rubber flooring is the best option for you.

Rubber Floor Coating

Advantages Of Rubber Flooring

Low-Maintenance and Recyclable.
Rubber flooring needs very less cleaning and washing and thus the use of strong and harmful chemicals for cleaning can be avoided. It is a very attractive and at the same time affordable flooring option for building contractors and owners. Even after heavy usage for many years, it is always recyclable.

Beauty And Durability

While rubber flooring looks beautiful, it also is durable. Different kinds of unique floor designs can be created using rubber floor coatings. It withstands heavy objects, abrasions and spills. It is an investment that is worth and stays durable for long years.

Prevention Of Accidents And Slippage

In areas of high foot traffic, accidents may happen due to spills caused by a lot of people who walk there. When water spills, rubber flooring creates a traction when it touches the shoes which causes anti- slippery action and hence prevents slipping of the customers at your commercial buildings. The water resistant nature helps to prevent water damage to your concrete floors beneath the rubber coating.

The Most Suitable Places For Rubber Floorings

Rubber Garage Floor

Rubberized floor coating is the best option for your garage because it can be quickly installed and is a durable solution. The cracks in concrete can be covered and the unattractive floors can have a brand new look. Rubber floor coatings are available in various sizes and shapes to suit your spaces.


Warehouse would need a liquid rubber floor coating because these coatings endure the machinery and heavy traffic and ensure the safety of workers. They are resistant to chemicals and spills. You can always be free from the worry about maintenance of your floors.

Offices and Malls

Employees sit and stand for long hours in offices and malls due to which they may experience joint pain. Rubber floorings lessen their pain and keeps them fresh and active all through the day. Fallen items also do not break easily on rubber floorings.

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