Epoxy floors can be installed on both indoor and outdoor spaces. They could add beauty to all kinds of landscapes. Some of the outdoor places where epoxy can be perfectly used are porches, steps, pool decks, sidewalks, entrances and driveways. These floor coatings are available in several stone designs and solid color options. They are very popular now-a-days and also are becoming the choice of many designers interested in creating new and adaptable flooring designs.


Outdoor Concrete Epoxy Floor Coating


Exterior Decorative Coatings

There are different kinds of exterior finishes in epoxy coatings that beautify the concrete surfaces, both at home or business. Epoxy is excellent for all types of outdoor applications. The exterior epoxy finishes are available in a vast range of colors, designs, and textures offering long lasting and attractive bright floors. Pick the most suitable one for your landscape with the help of a professional assistance and be proud of your decision!

Advantages Of Epoxy For Outdoor Concrete Flooring

Epoxy does not release any toxin which could harm your health. This flooring can be used for cracked or stained outdoor concrete surfaces such as walkways. Blends of specially formulated epoxy with other materials are available that are ideal for being applied over existing old cracked concrete. It is not expensive. In addition, you can also be free of the messy process of removing the concrete. Known for its strength and durability, epoxy is the ideal solution for protecting outdoor surfaces which are constantly enduring wear and tear. When Epoxy coating is applied, the concrete walkways and porches get a new elegant and sophisticated look. There are numerous options of colors and styles. Other than beautifying the outdoor landscape, it also and offers a few more additional benefits. They are affordable and of high quality. They protect the surfaces from foul weather and spills. You can opt for Quartz Epoxy Flooring or Metallic Flake Epoxy Flooring to make these surfaces attractive, safe and sturdy. The surface can comprise of single or different materials. Single and two-part epoxy systems are available that can be applied on concrete, stone and granite surfaces to construct magnificent and non-skid finishes that are long lasting.

Natural Look of Outdoor Epoxy Flooring

There are unique surface epoxies which can be tinted and can bring about the look of expensive costly stones. The epoxies match the exact colors of the original stone shades. Forever Stone and Flex Stone Epoxy floor coatings can give any simple surface an impressive stone finish look.

Today, epoxy floors have evolved to create a more natural look for your outdoor spaces which complements the surroundings. Just forget marble, stone, wood, or any other natural materials. Hire a concrete floor painting contractor who would artistically combine various colors or decorative flecks of epoxy and with the help of different techniques, spread the paint all over the surface. You would get unique effects and non-repeating designs and textures!

Concrete Epoxy Floor Contractor, PA

Epoxy Floor Experts are the pioneers in installing new and elegant designs of Concrete Epoxy Floor Coatings for your Outdoor spaces. Contractors can also get complete support from our experienced contractors. We have served the people of Pike, York, Dauphin, Northampton, Northumberland, Berks, Luzerne, Columbia, Lackawanna, Dauphin, Monroe, Carbon, Schuylkill, Lehigh, Montour, Chester, Lebanon, Lancaster, Montgomery and Bucks since the year 2010. With our experience of installing thousands of concrete floor coating systems, we are always ready to install quality Epoxy Floor coatings for your surfaces.