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Medical Healthcare Centers – Flooring Aspects

Epoxy Floor Coatings in Pennsylvania

Clean and Hygienic
Floors at Medical Healthcare Centers should always be kept clean. This would become challenging if the flooring material is not easily cleanable. Epoxy is being used in most of the hospitals and healthcare centers because of its easy maintenance properties. Epoxy can also be coated on old damaged floors to create a durable and functional floor. Epoxy floors are highly resistant to spillage of fluids which helps in maintaining the cleanliness of medical facilities which is very essential to keep germs and bacteria away. The clean and sterile environment improves the patients’ health!

Epoxy floors are highly durable. A hospital or healthcare facility has to welcome a huge number of people on a daily basis. Epoxy floors are the best suitable tough flooring systems which could endure all the heavy foot traffic and stay durable.

Scratch And Abrasion Resistant
The various equipments like lift chairs, mobility scooters, patient lifts, power wheelchairs and more cause a lot of scratches and abrasions to the floors. Epoxy coating could resist scratches and abrasions. You need not spend more money to replace the floors again and again.

Anti-Slip And Anti-Skid Properties
Every day is a busy day in a hospital and people run about and rush here and there to handle emergency situations. Epoxy floorings have a glossy look and at the same time, they also have anti-slip and anti-skid properties which would help in increasing the safety of patients and healthcare staff.

Reflective Nature
Day or night – it is the same for the healthcare professionals. Patients and their caregivers also walk about the floors due to emergency situations. To help all of them, the buildings must have bright lighting arrangements. The reflective nature of epoxy flooring increases the brightness and visibility of the whole building.

Suitable Locations For Epoxy Floorings
Hospital corridors, patient rooms, kitchen, mechanical rooms, and all other rooms in your medical facility can be coated with epoxy floor coatings.

Time-Efficient Installation Process
The duties performed at a hospital cannot wait for any reason. All are essential and emergent! Epoxy Floor Experts install your epoxy flooring within 24 hours. This is a great advantage for a healthcare facility!

Installed On Both New And Old Floors
Epoxy coating can be installed on both new and old floors. Just a few preparation processes must be done before installation on old tiles, marble surfaces or concrete surfaces.

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