Using commercial floor coatings like epoxies and polyurethanes for your buildings has many benefits. The following are some important benefits:

*Antimicrobial – resists fungus, mold and mildew
*Slip resistant and abrasion resistant
*Durable – can handle heavy traffic
*Endure thermal shock – withstand -50°F to 210°F of temperature.
*Easily cleanable – hot water and steam.
*Low maintenance – waterproof.

Places where Commercial Concrete Floor Coatings Can Be Used:

Benefits of Using Commercial Concrete Floor Coatings

Commercial Kitchens:

Restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, and bakeries have spillage of beverages and food on their floors. These invite mold, fungus and bacteria. The epoxy floor coating does not absorb these dirts and spillages and as a result, the floors can be easily cleaned.

Pet Washing Stations:

Apartments with residents’ pets also have pet washing stations. These can be coated with waterproof, slip resistant, anti-microbial floor coatings that are also easy to clean.


Saloons have spillage of hair all over the surface. With smooth, non- slippery, and easily cleanable floor coating, it becomes a safe place for the employees and customers.

Laundry Rooms:

There are number of heavy washers and dryers in a laundry room. If there is water spillage or flooding of water, a waterproof floor coating would make the cleaning work easy.


There are oil spillages, heavy traffic, grease, paint and more factors of pollution in a garage. Epoxy floor coating is the best choice for garages as it gives a seamless clean look. The spillages can easily be cleaned with mild hot soap water using a mop.

Cold Storage

The durable commercial floor coatings withstand extreme temperatures from -50°F to 210°F. They resist thermal shock and endure freeze and thaw. This makes them suitable for cold storage facility.

Locker Rooms:

Clubhouses, fitness centers, gyms, and swimming pools, can install commercial floor coatings in their locker rooms. These are most suitable for such floors of public usage because they are slip resistant and antimicrobial.

Showroom Floors:

Show room floors should be strong and durable. They should be attractive, neat and clean to receive the customers at any time of the day. Commercial concrete floor coatings are best suitable for showrooms as they are able to bear the heavy vehicles and also always give a perfect look.

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