Your floor may be an overlooked part of your commercial property but it need not stay that way. An unsafe, neglected concrete floor is bad for business and also allows absorption of pollutants, contributing to contamination which ends up in expensive maintenance and repairs. Epoxy functions as a sealant for various kinds of concrete floors. Commercial-grade Epoxy floor coatings are better than commercial concrete floor paints because they withstand the damages and overuse issues of any environment and protect the underlying substrate early wearing and surface damage.

Advantages Of Commercial Concrete Floor Epoxy

Commercial Kitchen Floors

Epoxy flooring applied upto several inches on the kitchen floors and walls create seamless, protective, non-slippery base which also promote sanitation. Textured additives, flakes, dyes and stains give unique designs. Restaurants also add embellishments and create designs of logos and colors on epoxies to brand their business.

Commercial Dog Kennels

An epoxy-coated floor suits best for your commercial dog kennels as it is scratch-resistant and would likely not chip or crack under heavy use. So dogs of all sizes can play rough on these floors without damaging them.

Saloon Floor Coating

Many types of dyes and bleaches may spill on a typical salon floor. Only epoxy can resist staining and fading. Epoxy prevents slips and falls even if stepped on cut hair clippings or when the floor is wet. Epoxy flooring can be installed in attractive styles and decor and at the same time, can withstand heavy foot traffic.

Showroom Floor Coating

Showrooms are subject to constant heavy foot traffic and exposed to dirt and mud brought in by people’s shoes. The hard finish of epoxy flooring resists wear and tear and scratching caused by these abrasive materials and at the same time gives you seamless design combined with protective coatings which allow easy cleaning.

Warehouse Flooring

Warehouse flooring system house many products and slip resistance is critical for the safety of the employees on the floor. Federal and state regulations influence the colors, striping, directional markings, and other specifics which also must be taken in to consideration. Epoxy floor coatings can be customized and installed to best suit all these needs.

Locker Room Flooring

Epoxy floor is a popular choice for locker room flooring because of its resiliency and slip resistance. Colored quartz granules can be broadcast over the top layer which add to the slip resistance of the surface. Various other beautiful topcoats can also be applied to the surface.

Other Types of Floorings

Epoxy based Commercial Concrete Floor coatings can be used in custom floor coating, factory flooring, food processing flooring, machine shop flooring, hospitals, malls, and more.

Are you planning to install Epoxy Flooring for your commercial buildings?

Commercial Floors need to be attractive and unique and also on the other hand, need to be imperative components of safety and productivity. Therefore, our company, Epoxy Floor Experts is providing epoxy flooring options which would make your spaces the best among your competitors. Our epoxy flooring range can be installed on ceilings, commercial building floors, garage floors, walkways and much more. This delivers strength, durability, low maintenance cleaning, brightness, chemical resistance and safety. Your industrial or commercial floors will comprise of two or more industrial-grade coatings of epoxy with slip-resistant aggregate and the decorative elements of your preference. Our expertise team would install them in multiple layers which would result in optimal appearance, texture and performance which would give you extreme satisfaction within your budget. We are ready to work for you with our best commercial floor coatings.